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T H E   W A Y  I T   S H O U L D   B E

Canada West Maple Products is a manufacturer and distributor of top quality, Northern Ontario sourced maple syrup. We also specialize in granulated maple sugar - using only 100% maple syrup to produce a product that is not only unique but delicious! This natural replacement for processed white or brown sugar can be used in a variety of ways. Add it to your coffee, baking, tea, or try it over grilled salmon.

Canada West seeks to become the industry leader in maple product production and distribution across Western Canada. Our Federally licensed facility allows us to ship product anywhere in Canada or around the globe.

We are also excited to have a great partnership with Sapsucker to be their Northern Ontario and Manitoba distributor. Sapsucker is an ethical and sustainable alternative to the sparkling water industry and is derived from 100% Pure Maple Sap!

We are extremely passionate about premium quality products and the age old Canadian staple that is maple syrup. The making of maple syrup is a process that brings family, friends, and even strangers together to tackle the tasks of splitting wood to fuel the boilers, carrying buckets of sap from the sap lines that seem to go on forever, and staying up late watching the syrup cook away. It is an amazing experience and yields a very sweet reward.


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